Rubellite Tourmaline Ring - Fine

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 "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it." — City Of Angels

This beautiful ring features a large natural, rare, purple/red cushion cut Rubellite Tourmaline gemstone, lovingly surrounded with a sparkling twin, double edged halo, a row of princess cut stones down the center of each shoulder & even more round brilliants set into the sides. We've designed this ring to catch the light and sparkle from all angles!

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Precious Metal:

  • Solid 10k White Gold (we can also make this in White, Yellow or Rose 14k, 18k Gold or Platinum on request).

Main Stones: 

  • 7x7mm Natural Cushion Cut Rubellite Tourmaline (prized for its ability to hold & maintain it's gorgeous colour in almost any lighting).

Accent Stones: 

  • Storm Baker Classic Simulated Diamonds


  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty / 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    What is Rubellite?

    The gemstone known as Rubellite is a particularly striking gemstone from the colorful family of tourmalines. Its vivid color ranges from a deep purplish pink to purplish-red, and it is well-known for maintaining its color under different lighting. Not every pink or red tourmaline deserves to be called Rubellite, only the most saturated and vivid colors are given this name. With the exception of Ruby and red Spinel, Rubellite is the only other gem known to occur in such a rich, dark red color. Incredibly scarce, with 'eye clean' material even rarer, rubellite is one of those special gems that demands a place in your gemstone collection! It is the most prized and expensive member of the tourmaline family because of its beauty and rarity & often sells for higher prices than Rubies & other precious gems. Tourmaline is the birthstone for October and the astrological sign of the Libra.


    Tourmalines have been believed throughout the ages to be useful in relaxing the body and the mind, and to help in the treatment of many different diseases such as anxiety, blood poisoning, arthritis, and heart disease. These gemstones are credited with the power to enhance one's understanding, increase self-confidence, amplify one's psychic energies, and aid in concentration and communication. They are also said to neutralize negative energies, and dispel fear and grief. 

    Pink Tourmalines in particular are said to inspire love, spirituality, creativity, give wisdom and enhance one's willpower. The last Empress of China, loved Pink Tourmaline and bought large quantities for gemstones and carvings to decorate her Palace. When she died, she was eternally laid to rest on a carved 'pillow' of Tourmaline. This beautiful gemstone has also featured in the family jewels of Russian Royalty.





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    You Always Know What You'll Get

    No more ordering jewellery from a great looking picture only to find, when you receive it, that you need a magnifying glass to see the stones! With Storm Baker Diamonds you always know what you’ll get as we clearly state the size of each item.

    Fully Customise your order

    Prefer White Gold over Yellow? Want the same ring made in Solid Silver or Platinum? Maybe you love the look of a particular ring but would like a smaller or larger gemstone or even a personal message engraved inside? Well you've come to the right place! At Storm Baker we can fully customise a piece to suit exactly what you need. Simply contact us with the name of the item you're looking at and your specific requirements.

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