6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal
6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal

6.85cts Natural Smoked Cabochon Opal

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Video in the Pictures - another one for a collector of Rare & Unusual Gems.

This Natural Opal is a Oval Cabochon (smooth surface) shaped stone. Displaying flashes of Purples, Blues & Greens it's certainly a Unique little Gem which could be sold as is or set into the jewellery of your Dreams!


  • Weight: 6.85 Carat.
  • Gem Type: Natural Welo Opal
  • Shape: Oval Cabochon.
  • Size: 15.9 x 12 x 7.7mm
  • Color: Blue - Purple
  • Origin: Ethiopia.
  • Treatment: Smoked -to enhance Black Colour.
  • Hardness: 5.5-6.5/10 on Moh's scale.
  • Guarantees: 100% Genuine Natural Gemstone as described.

This Gem is located in our Christchurch Showroom & comes packaged in a protective gem case for protection in transit.

What are Ethiopian Opals?

Ethiopian Opals are particularly translucent which means they show amazing play-of-color in varied body color and patterns & they look great either faceted or cabochon (smooth).

What is 'Smoked' Opal?

Smoking is a process where the Opal is wrapped in paper, set on fire then quickly extinguished to allow the smoke to penetrate the Opal. The result is a stunning Dark background which allows the Opals colours to really 'pop' and stand out.

What is Value of Ethiopian Opal? What helps value? How is supply effecting the value?

There is a large quantity of Ethiopian opal available which has kept the price low.  Like most gems the top quality material is quite rare and commands a high price.  The intensity of the color is what makes this opal valuable as the best Ethiopian opal have colors that are described as unreal looking like colored L.E.D. lights.

This variety is getting hugely popular in the market because of its high-end beauty and reasonable prices. Ethiopia is currently the second largest producer of opal after Australia, as big opal deposits were discovered there in 1994, and in 2008 and 2013.

Ethiopian Opal vs Australian Opal?

Ethiopian opal is hydrophane which prevents drying out of the Opals water content, which creates hairline cracks that Australian Opal is prone too. Ethiopian opal is also much more available and generally has a wider variety of color especially reds.

Compared to Australian opal, Ethiopian's opal price is generally lower (mainly due to it's current large & steady supplies), making it a more affordable gemstone, however - high quality Ethiopian opal is still difficult to obtain and can be expensive. As supplies are mined out in the future existing Ethiopian Opal is likely to increase in Rarity & Value.

How to do you care for Ethiopian Opal? How is the stability?

Ethiopian opal once cut is highly stable. Ethiopian opal is durable resisting breakage better than all other opal including Australian, however being hydrophane it is absorbent and chemicals including hair products, dyes, oils and lotions should be avoided. Any contact with water or other Liquid is not recommended as it could cause the Opal to lose it's dark, smoked effect & return to its natural, clear state. Do not wear Opal during physical activity.

Ethiopian Opal should never be soaked in water or placed in an Ultrasonic cleaner, instead simply wipe with a dry, soft cloth to clean them.



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    The Properties of the Finest Diamonds

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    SBJ Diamond Simulant Mined Diamonds
    Size One Carat One Carat
    Colour Perfect Ice White Usually Off-White
    Clarity Grade Always Flawless Usually Flawed
    Cut Always Perfect Poor to Good
    Hardness Cuts Glass (8.5) Cuts Glass (10)
    Brilliance Superlative (2.2) Superlative (2.4)
    Toughness Excellent VG to Excellent
    Solitaire Ring (1.0ct)
    14 karat Solid Gold
     Price: $1290


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