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"Love is friendship set on fire"

There's a reason solitaires are the most popular style of engagement rings. The eyes are naturally drawn to the center diamond for a classic, elegant look that never goes out of style. Best suited to longer fingers, choose from our wide selection to find the perfect shaped diamond for you.

Ring Style Engagement
Main Stone Setting Solitaire with accents
Band & Setting Solid Gold or Platinum
Center Stone Your choice of size & type


Lifetime Manufacturer & Gemstone Warranty plus our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee at no extra cost.



We're a New Zealand company that started from humble beginnings & quickly grew into a trusted business that consistently delivers world-class jewellery to it's customers around the world. We think everyone deserves to wear the same styles and designs that have been worn and admired on the fingers, necks and wrists of Hollywood and other 'A List' celebrities on red carpets around the globe, but at affordable prices.

With our range of simulated, lab-grown & natural gemstones, you'll enjoy all the status, pleasure and confidence of the very finest diamond jewellery at a small fraction of the normal cost. We don't believe you should feel pressured to spend your hard-earning dollars on mined diamonds when you could have tasteful, yet stunning created diamonds that look the same or better to your friends and family - for much less than you'd normally pay! These amazing gemstones look & perform so much like expensive, mined diamonds that no one will ever know they aren't.....unless you tell them. Of course if your heart is set on a Natural diamond or other gemstone we supply these as well.

We're members of the top authorities in the Diamond & Gemstone industry & have GIA accredited staff as well as experienced craftsmen that share our passion for creating top quality, beautiful pieces of jewellery. Whether it's a well deserved gift for yourself or a token of your commitment to a loved one, we're so sure you'll love our pieces that we offer you a double guarantee, so that you can buy with complete confidence.

The Properties of the Finest Diamonds

When judged by the characteristics used by expert gemologists to grade fine diamonds, every Storm Baker Created Diamond™ measures up to the finest of fine grading. As you can see from the table below, our gemstones are perfect ice-white in colour, flawless in clarity, perfectly cut every time and exactly the same sizes as conventional diamonds. What’s more, they are so hard and durable they can even cut glass.


SBJ Diamond Simulant Mined Diamonds
Size One Carat One Carat
Colour Perfect Ice White Usually Off-White
Clarity Grade Always Flawless Usually Flawed
Cut Always Perfect Poor to Good
Hardness Cuts Glass (8.5) Cuts Glass (10)
Brilliance Superlative (2.2) Superlative (2.4)
Toughness Excellent VG to Excellent
Solitaire Ring (1.0ct)
14 karat Solid Gold
 Price: $1290


Storm Baker Classic Created Diamonds are sourced from the foremost simulated diamond producers in the world. Each gem is cut, polished and crafted under the most stringent criteria of colour, quality, size and shape resulting in gems with the brilliance, fire and sparkle usually only seen in the rarest, top-grade diamonds. Unlike a cheap Cubic Zirconia that can quickly lose it's brilliance & go 'cloudy', with the occasional clean our gemstones will retain their sparkle and brilliance for life - guaranteed.

"Our exclusive Created Diamonds have the same 'fire' (colours) as a mined diamonds & are just as brilliant to the naked eye. Their superior characteristics have the same look, luxury & properties of top grade natural diamond jewellery without the exorbitant prices and, as they are produced in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities there is no mining or other large scale damage to the environment so you can rest assured they are 100% blood diamond, conflict-free. We're sure you'll love our beautiful pieces as much as we do & back them with our famous double guarantee."

You Always Know What You'll Get

No more ordering jewellery from a great looking picture only to find, when you receive it, that you need a magnifying glass to see the stones! With Storm Baker Created Diamonds™ you always know what you’ll get as we clearly state the size of each item.

Fully Customise your order

Prefer White Gold over Yellow? Want the same ring made in Solid Silver or Platinum? Maybe you love the look of a particular ring but want it made with a different sized smaller or larger gemstone, or a personal message engraved inside? Well you've come to the right place! At Storm Baker we can fully customise a piece to suit exactly what you need. Simply contact us with the name of the item you're looking at and your specific requirements.

Celebrities Proudly Wear Them

Once you see our stunning jewellery for yourself, you'll understand why so many celebrities and wealthy people wear created diamonds everyday and nobody is any the wiser. With our high quality gems you don’t have to worry about security or loss of your valuable jewellery in jostling crowds and they save on costly insurance whilst nobody knows you're not wearing hugely expensive mined diamonds. Purchase a piece set with our Storm Baker Created Diamonds & you can look and feel like a celebrity, at a price that suits you.

The Storm Baker Exclusive Double Guarantee

With our jewellery, you get this unique double guarantee at no extra cost:

1. Lifetime Quality Guarantee:

With proper care all Storm Baker created gemstones will last a lifetime. We’ll replace your stone without question, in the unlikely event of a loss of brilliance or discolouration that cannot be restored by simply cleaning, for the lifetime of the purchaser. This does not include lost stones outside of their warranty period.

2. Full Replacement Warranty:

If a Storm Baker Classic main stone should come loose from its mounting and is lost within 30 days from delivery, we'll give you a replacement stone. No need to stress or buy expensive insurance. For our other stones, all you have to do is repurchase the stone we'll reset it for you free of labour costs.

To our knowledge no other company we know of has the confidence to give these comprehensive guarantees without making you pay for expensive warranties or care plans.

Please feel free to contact us here for a no pressure quote on your dream ring.

Happy Shopping!