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Custom Jewellery in NZ By Storm Baker Jewellers

Our team can craft beautiful, ethical, made-to-last pieces of custom jewellery in NZ that will be as unique as you are. We can create or remake nearly any piece you may have in mind, so contact Storm Baker Jewellers for a quote on your dream piece of jewellery. 


We Make Custom Jewellery

We are proud to showcase some of the bespoke pieces we have created. While not available for purchase, you're welcome to use these styles as inspiration for your own dream piece. 

Our team puts quality first. We are passionate about creating custom pieces that are certain to stand out from the crowd and last for generations - guaranteed. 

We sell both natural and lab-grown diamonds. In addition to our extensive collection of ethically sourced diamonds, we encourage you to consider our total carbon lab-grown diamonds or moissanite gems. These beautiful, affordable gemstones are excellent alternatives to mined diamonds. 

Storm Baker has partnered with the Diamond Foundry to bring you 100% Guilt-Free diamonds. Grown by harnessing renewable solar and hydro energy, they allow you to wear your new gemstones with pride and the knowledge that you’re playing your part in protecting our planet. 


Why Choose Us?

Certification Experts 

We can assist you in obtaining total insurance valuations from independent and trained experts, so you know exactly what the replacement value of your jewellery is. 

Huge Range of Gems 

We have custom-crafted hundreds of gorgeous, precious gemstone rings and have access to some of the best gem dealers in the world. So whether you’re looking for a top-grade investment stone or affordable lab-grown gem, we’re here to help. 

We Have You Covered 

We offer you a full manufacturer’s warranty for a lifetime. Best of all, it’s completely free. Also, should you ever require repairs or resizing, we have a fully-equipped workshop and trained staff who can do the work for you at a competitive price.

Feel free to book a free 1-1 viewing by video chat or come and visit us in our Christchurch Showroom.


Custom Quotes

We specialise in creating beautiful, custom-designed pieces that suit your personality and lifestyle. We can craft something truly unique and that you can be proud of having made especially for you. If you do not like the prospect of walking down the street and seeing dozens of people wearing the same thing, talk to us. 

It does not matter where you may be. Our expert designers can meet with you via email, phone, or video chat to discuss your plans for bespoke jewellery. You are also welcome to join us in our showroom in Christchurch, NZ. 


Our Custom Jewellery Process

To commence the process [link to our process page] of crafting your custom jewellery in NZ, all you need to do is to fill out a short form indicating the metal you would like to use, your budget and the size of your ring. If you have pictures of styles you love, please include them, as this would help speed up the process. 

One of our friendly designers will contact you and create a virtual 3D design of your ring. We will work with you to amend this as much as necessary until you’re entirely satisfied. 

Once you're happy to proceed, we use 3D printing technology to craft a mould from your computer-generated image. We then pour the molten metal of your choice into the mould, and, once cooled, our talented jewellers will set your stones by hand and polish your ring. 

When your ring has passed its final quality control checks, you have the option of receiving it either by courier or collecting it from our Christchurch showroom.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

We supply high-quality, polished, lab-grown diamonds for anyone seeking a cost-effective, eco-friendly, ethical alternative to natural, mined stones. 

All of our lab-grown diamonds are carefully selected to ensure they fit our high standards of quality. 

The term refers to a diamond that has been carefully cultivated in a laboratory rather than one that has been mined from deep down in the Earth.

Lab-grown diamonds consist of the same carbon atoms and are made using pure carbon that has been crystallised artificially. As a result, they produce the same chemical and visual characteristics as mined diamonds. 

There are many reasons why you may want to consider our beautiful lab-grown diamonds as the stone of choice for your bespoke fittings. They're superior socially and environmentally as they use far fewer resources to acquire and much less pollution (or even no pollution) compared to mined diamonds. They're also less expensive so you can get a bigger or better quality stone for a similar amount. 

Lab-grown diamonds are entirely indistinguishable by the naked eye when placed side by side with naturally mined diamonds. The only way to differentiate them would be to use highly specialised & expensive equipment. 

Our team can use both natural stones and lab-grown diamonds to craft the perfect piece of handmade jewellery for you, resulting in exceptional craftsmanship at affordable prices. 


The Storm Baker Difference

We offer professional advice, service and attention to detail. We will do everything possible to make your ring perfect for you. 

Our passion for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces is part of our commitment to raising the standards of what’s possible when it comes to jewellery design. Birthday, anniversary gifts or engagement rings, our exceptional rings are sure to delight. We use the latest techniques in jewellery designing to create timeless, stunning heritage pieces. 


Collections By Our Bespoke Jewellers

Wearing one-of-a-kind, unique pieces of fine jewellery elevate their excellence. We draw on our experienced teams international talents to craft flawless, special pieces. 

From your first consultation, our staff will listen attentively to your dreams and help you through the process of creating a stunning, unforgettable piece. They will be meticulously handcrafted and delightful. 

We look forward to helping craft your next exceptional piece. We welcome you to get in touch with us to enquire about beautiful, custom jewellery in NZ. 


Our Blogs

We have curated a collection of featured articles to help you in your search for the perfect piece of jewellery. Please click through to learn about custom jewellery, choosing different gemstones, wearing wedding rings and much more. 


Warranties and Guarantees

We offer a complete, lifetime warranty at no extra charge for repairs or replacements due to a manufacturer’s fault. We do not cover damage caused by general wear and tear or through the fault of the wearer, but we can still replace or repair these items at an affordable price. 

All our beautiful, high-quality gemstones are guaranteed to never naturally lose their fire or brilliance. However, it is essential to remember that both natural and manufactured gemstones require regular care and that some situations could cause damage and void your guarantee. If you are unsure, please refer to the care card you received with your purchase. 


About Us

Storm Baker is proudly New Zealand-owned and operated. We started from humble beginnings and quickly grew into a trusted business that consistently delivers first-class jewellery to customers worldwide. We believe that everyone deserves to wear the styles and designs seen on red carpet A-listers at an affordable price. 

Our lab-grown and natural gemstones offer you the status, style and beautiful appeal of the finest diamond jewellery at a small fraction of the regular cost. These stunning gemstones look and perform so much like natural diamonds that no one will ever know they aren’t - unless you tell them. 

We are members of the top authorities in the Diamond and Gemstone industry and have GIA accredited [link to https://www.gia.edu/] staff and experienced craftsmen that share our passion for creating high-quality, beautiful pieces of jewellery. 

If you are interested in having a piece of custom jewellery in NZ crafted for you or your loved one, please reach out to Storm Baker at XXXX. Lovingly crafted exceptionally for you. 


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