Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our Lab Grown Diamond Range in NZ

Diamond jewellery with a difference. Our lab grown diamond NZ collection offers you the same elegance, sophistication and long-lasting, timeless style as natural, mined diamonds - but with a far more ethical, sustainable and affordable origin. Come pay a visit to our Christchurch showroom to see them for yourself. 


Beautiful Diamond Jewellery by Storm Baker Jewellers

Laboratory grown diamonds are an exceptional alternative to mined diamonds. They are produced in controlled laboratory environments that are designed to mimic the conditions underneath the Earth’s crust where diamonds naturally form. They are chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds - so much so that even a trained jeweller cannot tell which is which simply by looking at them. 

These incredible gemstones are bright, clear and beautiful. Our skilled craftsmen work with the same meticulous skill and precision as they do with natural gemstones, to produce stunning, exquisite pieces of jewellery that will last for generations. 


A More Ethical Choice

Diamonds grown in laboratories have far more ethical origins than natural diamonds. As they are produced without any mining whatsoever involved, they are entirely conflict free, unlike natural diamonds, which are not always obtained with the best labour practices. 

Lab-grown diamonds are traceable, sustainable and do not depend on mining practices which can damage the environment and vulnerable communities. 


A More Sustainable Diamond

Diamonds mined in the Earth frequently have devastating impacts on local ecosystems. In contrast, the carbon footprint of the process of artificially growing diamonds in laboratories is often offset by using renewable sources of energy such as wind or solar power.

You will not have to worry about gaping, open mines that contribute to soil erosion, deforestation or contamination of surrounding waterways and landscapes by choosing lab made diamonds. 


Affordable Style

When you choose a lab-grown diamond, you get the same sensational sparkle, shine and style that you would with its natural counterpart - at a lower price. That means that you will be able to choose a larger stone on a smaller budget, or go for a more elaborate cut or finer metal without the cost associated with a natural stone. 

As the world’s natural diamond resources are finite and diminishing every day, it is likely that diamonds will grow increasingly unaffordable for many. But this does not mean you have to cast aside your dreams of shining, traditional diamond jewellery to pass on to your children’s children. Diamonds created in laboratories are an exceptional alternative, and, in many ways, the superior choice. 


The Production Process

As their name suggests, lab grown diamonds are created in carefully controlled laboratories. Scientists use processes based on the natural geological methods below the Earth’s crust that cause organic diamonds to form. These may involve replicating the intense pressure and scorching temperatures found underneath the Earth’s crust, or even using superheated gas to grow the diamond from a ‘seed’ crystal. 

For these reasons, lab made diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds, without any of their associated environmental, social or economic costs. 

They are made from the same carbon atoms that form natural diamonds, which are arranged in a crystal structure known as a Face-Centred Cubic (FCC) lattice. These chemical similarities mean that only specialised equipment can reveal the tiny differences between lab grown and mined diamonds. 


Purer Than Mined Diamond 

Diamonds grown in laboratories are actually purer than those mined from beneath the Earth. This is because the conditions within a laboratory are so carefully controlled that lab grown diamonds do not encounter the trace elements that frequently contaminate natural diamonds while they form. All they contain is 100% pure carbon. 

This is in stark contrast to common ‘fake’ diamond alternatives such as cubic zirconias (CZ) which are not true carbon crystals in structure. Even the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) no longer describes lab-grown diamonds as ‘synthetic’, and grades them using the same colour, clarity, and cut grading scales as they do for natural diamonds.

Trace elements can be added on purpose during the production process to create coloured lab made diamonds. For this reason, it is extremely easy to craft laboratory grown diamonds in a range of bright and beautiful colours which may be challenging to come across in a traditional mine. This means that a far larger variety of exquisite gemstones are made more affordable through these lab based production processes, ensuring that you will have your pick of the right stone for your dream piece of jewellery. 


Choose A Beautiful Lab Grown Diamond from Storm Baker Jewellers

We can craft incredible pieces of bespoke jewellery for you using an exquisite selection of lab grown diamonds. Whether you’d like a beautifully set gold, silver or platinum ring, simply reach out to our team to discuss your interests and we will work with you to bring your design to life. 

It’s exceptional value and superior ethics, all for a fantastic price. Please get in touch with Storm Baker to discuss your options for custom jewellery made with laboratory grown diamonds today.