Meteorite Dog Tag

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The perfect gift for the person who has everything - it's not everyday you can own something that's Billions of years old! 

This Meteorite Dog Tag features a piece of genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite encased in Stainless Steel. Each tag has different patterns (similar to the way that wood grains are all different) known as Widmanstätten patterns, due to the unique etching process of meteorite. The meteorite is sealed in resin to make it waterproof, minimise rust, and to ensure maximum durability.

Comes with a 60cm strong stainless steel 'box' chain that won't break easily but can be swapped out for your own if preferred.

About the meteorite: 

Discovered under the Ice mantles of Scandinavia the Muonionalusta is over 4.5 Billion years old, making it the the oldest known meteorite in the world. Scientists believe it's a piece of the metal core of a planet that exploded, launching it into space where it traveled for billions of years before crashing into Earth where it lay buried for Four Ice Ages.

*Currently one only available.

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