The Midnight Kratos
The Midnight Kratos

The Midnight Kratos

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Unleash your inner strength and make a bold statement with the Kratos ring. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this extraordinary piece embodies power, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

🔨 The hand-hammered band showcases a unique texture that exudes rugged beauty. Each strike symbolizes the strength and resilience that lies within you, a reminder of your ability to overcome challenges together.

💍 The white gold interior adds a touch of luxury and comfort, creating a seamless fusion of style and substance. It's a symbol of the purity and purity of your love, a reflection of the beautiful union you share.

⚡️But the real magic lies in the white gold offset stripe, a striking contrast against the black ceramic. It's a symbol of the extraordinary journey you're embarking on together, a reminder that love knows no boundaries. This radiant stripe of white gold elevates the ring to another level of sophistication, capturing attention and admiration wherever you go.

🎁 Each Kratos ring comes nestled in an exquisite box, making it a perfect gift for your partner or a cherished keepsake for yourself.

What's with the name?

Kratos means Power & Strength in Greek. It's also the name of the Greek God Hero in the 'God of War' Video Game. We hope the wearer of this ring will take pride in the power of its name. 'Midnight' is our dark version of this ring.


Band Width: 8mm.
Band Thickness: approx. 2.4mm.
Fit: Comfort fit.
Edges: Straight, Black.
Finish: Hammered, Brushed.
Interior: High Polish 18K IP Gold.
On the finger: lightweight & comfortable.

Materials: Black Ceramic.

Ceramic is a modern jewelry material that is lightweight, durable and doesn't conduct electricity (so perfect for electricians or engineers). It's so tough that NASA use it to make reusable heat shields in their interstellar rockets. Unlike Black Tungsten It's also colourfast, which means it's Dark Granite colour will never fade. Its also much easier to remove in an emergency situation than traditional metals.

Made from quality materials this ring is Guaranteed to never change colour or leave a stain on your finger.

Included at NO extra charge:

- LIFETIME WARRANTY - standard T&C apply.
- Luxury Gold & Black Chest Ring Box.
- Silicone Activity Band (stock dependant).
- Finger Sizing Tool - (in case you get it wrong the first time).

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