The Midnight Minamoto Ring

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The Minamoto features beveled edges with cross-cut brushed finish and offset inlay of Koa Wood protected by our waterproof Ring Armour™.

With very little maintenance this ring will keep its pristine appearance for years to come. Ceramic jewellery is extremely scratch-resistant and the only metal that will stay permanently polished.

What's with the name?

For centuries, samurai were primarily archers, with 'Minamoto no Tametomo' being possibly the greatest one of them all. Born in the 12th century, legend says that one of his arms was longer than the other, allowing him to pull the string of his bow further than anyone else.

The design of this ring incorporates the cross cut of a razor sharp Samurai sword with the wood inlay representing a deadly accurate bow.

'Midnight' is the dark version of this ring.


Band Width: 8mm.
Band Thickness: approx. 2.4mm.
Fit: Comfort fit.
Edges: Beveled.
Finish: Criss Cross Brushed.
Interior: High Polish.
On the finger: Lightweight & Comfortable.

Materials: Black Ceramic, Koa Wood.

Made from quality materials this ring is Guaranteed to never change colour or leave a stain on your finger.

Included at NO extra charge:

- LIFETIME WARRANTY - standard T&C apply.
- Luxury Gold & Black Chest Ring Box.
- Silicone Activity Band (stock dependant).
- Finger Sizing Tool - (stock dependant).

SIZING Not sure about Sizing? We recommend getting sized by at least two different jewelers (usually a free service). Make sure you ask to be sized for an 8mm, comfort fit band.

If you can't get into a physical jewelry store you can contact us for help with sizing.


Rings are currently sent Worldwide Express from New Zealand. Please allow extra delivery time depending on your location.

Materials: Wood,Ceramic

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