Eternity Rings 5 Reasons they are not the best Choice

Eternity Rings 5 Reasons they are not the best Choice

They are beautiful, eye catching & super sparkly but there are some really good reasons to think very carefully before purchasing an eternity ring.

1#  Diamonds are hard, in fact they are super hard, but not indestructible. So this means that although there is really not much that can naturally damage a diamond they can damage each other and other gemstones. This means stacking an eternity ring with other rings can and will result in cracked scratched and chipped stones. Eternity Rings are not a good choice for those seeking stackable, durable jewellery. 

2# A diamond needs to be set in the band at a certain depth, this depends on the size of the diamond you are using. The bigger the stone the thicker the ring becomes meaning it makes it very uncomfortable to wear on the finger. Also the bigger claws we need to use to keep the stones secure scratch the insides of the finger making it feel like your wearing a cactus.

3# Stones coming in to contact with everyday surfaces take an absolute hammering. Putting you hand down on a counter top or opening a car door now becomes a challenge. Every time your ring comes into contact with a hard surface it is at risk and the more you do it the more risk there is. Therefore, it is possible that over time, the stones may fall out. You should think carefully before investing in such a delicate piece of jewellery if you have a busy active lifestyle.

4# What happens you gain or loose weight? An eternity ring has no resize point so it can not be resized the best you can do is choose another finger to wear it on. 

5# They are very high maintenance. Checking claws and cleaning needs to be done often. You can not just put an eternity ring on your finger and forget it.

In summary these are beautiful high maintenance pieces that need to be worn occasionally and alone. You need to keep your weight stable and get used to them being uncomfortable. Lets face it most high heels are not that comfortable but we get used to them so the comfort vs beauty may not be an issue for you. There are some eternity ring options that are better such as rub set or channel set and even the odd vintage style bezel ring will be ok and might even have a decent comfort level with no big claws. However they will still require more maintenance than most rings. If you do not set your longevity expectations too high then you won't be disappointed. We are happy to custom design something that will look incredible and have all the durability factors ,everyday wearability, resizable and comfortable. Just hit us up on our custom quote page linked below.


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