What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Basically they're real, actual Diamonds that have been produced using the latest technology available. It's only in the last decade that we've reached the point that Lab Diamonds are now available to anyone looking for a beautiful & ethical stone for a lower cost than a Earth Mined Diamond of the exact same Quality.

But are they really real Diamonds?

Absolutely! Optically, Physically & Chemically, in fact - the only difference between these and Mined Diamonds is that one is grown above ground in a specialised facility over 6-10 weeks and the other's grown below ground over millions of years. In every other way they are the same thing. Don't just take our word for it - in 2018 the US Federal Trade Commission ruled that a Diamond is a Diamond, no matter if it was grown above or below ground. This was a huge win for the Lab Diamond Industry & a massive headache for the Mined Diamond mega corporations that actively try to devalue & discredit Lab Grown Diamonds at every turn.


If they're the same, why the lower price?

There's two main reasons -

1) It's much more cost effective to grow a Diamond in a Lab than to Mine it from Kilometers underground.  

Simply put, the price of developing a diamond in the lab is much more cost-effective than mining it from the Earth. Additionally, the mining industry has long been heading up the prices of diamonds since the De Beers company had such a monopoly on the market — at one point owning around 85% of the diamond industry. According to this report from Berkeley, jewelry diamonds from the mining industry would only be worth $2-30 if used industrially!

So are they different to CZ, Moissanite & other Diamond Simulants?

Yes, miles apart - Cubic Zirconia (CZ) are made from a completely different material called Zirconium Dioxide & Moissanite is Silicone Carbide whereas Lab & Earth Mined Diamonds are Full Carbon. While some CZ might be ok as temporary 'placeholder' stones we highly recommend using good quality Moissanite or Diamonds for jewellery that's worn everyday such as engagement or wedding rings. These stones will stand the test of time & should last Generations so that your children & even grandchildren can treasure them as much as you have.



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