7th Heaven Wines & Ports

7th Heaven Wines & Ports

We love to showcase some of our favourite New Zealand Wineries by offering a celebratory tasting to clients collecting rings from our showroom. The wine's perfectly chilled & waiting for you, so come on in and sample some inspiration for your next event or wedding.

On our own travels we've enjoyed a wide range of wines, from drinks on the sunny beaches of Spain, to Luxury restaurants in Singapore & the Artisan Wine Markets of southern France - all were amazing experiences, but I'm delighted to admit there's so many vineyards producing Wines & Ports in our very own backyard that are something really special.

Every NZ wine region has a unique flavor (for example Marlborough with its gooseberry and tannins), Central Otago selections have their own distinctive taste & it's well regarded by many (including myself) as one of the best regions in the world for fruit and wine. Not that I'm bias at all because it's also where two of my favourite places, Queenstown & Wanaka are found.

7th Heaven Vineyard

Introducing 7th Heaven & Mrs Jones Ports located at Suncrest Orchard in beautiful Cromwell on State Highway 6. You've most likely stopped in there for a real fruit ice cream or other fresh fruit on the way to Queenstown, but what they're becoming increasingly well known for are producing delicious wines & ports.

This family owned vineyard is located on a stunning north facing slope in the back of Bannockburn. Their Pinot Noir vines are nurtured to produce fruit driven Central Otago wines. It’s clay soils, hot summers and cool autumns combine to create the ideal setting for ripening wines. 7th Heavens selection are everything the name promises it will be. From the label to your lips - these are truly an exceptional drop.

Maybe its the gold in Central Otago that makes these drinks so flavorful or maybe its my own personal memories, but from your very first sip you can taste the regions rich heritage. My first school camp was to Bannockburn when I was twelve, I wanted to find gold so badly - we all did. We listened awestruck to stories of how people stumbled across huge gold nuggets while out for a walk and struck it rich. Thinking about it now - you can almost taste that gold today in these wines and ports. 
For as long as I can remember we've always stopped at the Jones Family Fruit Stall as a family tradition of our own. Beautiful Fresh Fruit, Real Fruit Ice Cream and now even a wine and port tasting bar opposite an extraordinarily beautiful garden that is open to the public.
7th Heaven and Mrs Jones Port have somehow managed to bottle your best memories. Your first mouthwatering bite into the seasons fresh fruit, your favourite holiday - watching the sunset whilst sipping a glass of Lally's Gold or a Pinot Port, toasty warm in front of a roaring fire while the first snowflakes of the ski season fall outside. For me these wines and ports are infused with the flavour of countless perfect moments. Nothing is lost, the apricot port tastes of delicious apricots, the cherry port smacks of juicy cherries. 
An engagement and wedding is about creating memories for you and your family and friends. Trust me when I say that these wines and ports a truly unforgettable in the best possible way. To enjoy a complimentary tasting book into our jewellery showroom or if you're heading to Central Otago stop in at the Jones Family Fruit Stall to taste the magic for yourself.

Featured Wines

For your taste-buds pleasure this month we have the below wines from '7th Heaven' and Fruit Ports from 'Mrs Jones' available for tasting in our showroom.

7th Heaven Wines:

2016 Lally’s Gold Blanc de Noir

Intensely fruity, with vibrant white peach and granny smith apple flavours. It matches well with white meats, pasta dishes and Asian meals.

2014 Pinot Noir

7th Heavens Pinot Noir is fruit driven with cherry and plum overtones. Great drinking now or cellar for up to 7 years.


2015 Pinot Rose

Made from Pinot Noir grapes which have been carefully handpicked from our Bannockburn vineyard. 7th Heaven Pinot Rose is a stunning fresh summer wine, slightly sweet with an abundance of strawberries and a nice crisp acidity. Best served on a hot summer day.


2015 Pinot Port

To make this Port, Pinot Noir grapes are carefully handpicked, destemmed and blended together in-tank to start its fermentation. After soaking on skins to retrieve ample colour and slightly fermented to create some natural alcohol it's then pressed and fortified leaving a rich sweet fortified wine. The 7th Heaven Ruby is aged for 2 years in neutral French oak barrels giving time to mature into the silky smooth Ruby that it is.

Ideal drinking now or left for many more years.

Mrs Jones Fruit Ports:

The fruits used to create these mouth tingling delights are handpicked when they are plump and juicy from our Central Otago orchard. The fruits are picked then pulped, and left to inoculate. The juice is then separated from the fruit pulp and is drained into a tank where is fermented slightly to create some natural alcohol. The different ports are finally left to age in neutral French oak barrels for six months.

Mrs Jones fruit port collection showcase the best of Central Otagos’ fruit and keeps the taste of summer going all year round.

Plum Port

Made with the ripest plums, this port showcase the typical rich flavours associated with Black Doris, with a nice acid backbone.


Apricot Port

Central Otago is famous for its apricots and the Apricot Port is no exception. Mrs Jones’ Apricot port showcases Central Otago’s unique stone fruit character. A rich sweet Central Otago Apricot.


Cherry Port

Cherries harvested at the optimum ripeness are used to create this thick, rich full bodied port. This port has a natural acidity and sweetness.


Nectarine Port

Nectarines typically have less sugar so the fermentation was left slightly longer and the fortified once the natural nectarine flavours were abundant showcasing its natural acidity.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our latest featured winery. If you're in Christchurch book a time to taste them in our Christchurch Jewellery Showroom by clicking here. For more details you can contact Suncrest Orchard below (mention our name & they'll be sure to look after you with the following discounts)

- 10% discount on up to 5 cases (can be mixed e.g. 3 cases Pinot Noir + 2 cases Rose)

- 15% discount on 5-10 cases

- 20% discount on 10+ cases. 

Contact the Winery

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Suncrest-Orchard-Ltd

Phone: 03 445 0275

Website: www.suncrestorchard.co.nz

Email: jones.fam@xtra.co.nz


Disclaimer: Storm Baker Jewellers are not a liquor licensed premises and strictly do not sell alcohol in any way, shape or form - or receive any financial proceeds from promoted wines. If you are over 18 years of age & are interested in purchasing please contact the vineyard directly or visit your local supermarket or liquor store. Drinking whilst pregnant or on some medications is not recommended. If you're unsure, always contact a licensed medical professional before consuming alcohol.  
Image Credits: www.suncrestorchard.co.nz / www.tripadvisor.co.nz

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